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The Guardian (UK) also tells of Shin Hinomoto - the place to eat..  

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Shin Hinomoto (aka Andy's)

Andy's Izakaya or Shin Hinomoto, under the tracks, is also a great place to have your fish served to you.  Come out and enjoy this fantastic, authentic izakaya - with a twist... the twist being Andy...
Andys Customers
Where is Andy's?

Andy's popularity is constantly increasing which means making a booking or reservation in advance is essential. Phone 03-3214-8021 to do so.  Google Maps  can also lead the way...

How to cook your fish at home?

Check out Serving Ideas  and let us know some of your favorite recipes as well

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Andy's - Open Monday to Saturday!!!   03-3214-8021

Andys back in business

Back to sashimi!


       Stay safe ... and eat fish 

Tsukiji Then

Tsukiji Fish Market had over 1,200 stalls filled with fresh fish, seafood and vegetables and was a MUST-SEE in Tokyo.  And the rumours that it had to be seen at 5 am were certainly not true...

The tuna auction, which was not open to the public, did start at 5 am.  The fish market itself could be best seen from 08:30 to 10:30 (you could go earlier if you liked...). Bustling vehicles were always a danger in the market!  They were not trying to run you down but just trying to get their product to the delivery companies as quickly as possible.

Tuna Preparation at Tsukiji

Tuna sashimi or maguro is a favourite with most sushi and sashimi lovers. 

With some help from a friend
The fleshy tuna

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We like Andy's!

Great meal - thank you Andy

Hello Andy,
My friend and I dropped into your restaurant last week...

Kirsten Ritchie - you are the best!

From Kirsten Ritchie - Andy - You are our number 1 place to eat in Japan!!! Thanks so very, very, very much for your dedication to phenomenal freshness of the catch, complete respect of seasonality of the species, and providing a truly delightful dining place. Any chance you want to move and set up shop in Oakland:-)