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Great meal - thank you Andy

Hello Andy,
My friend and I dropped into your restaurant last week...

Hello Andy,
My friend and I dropped into your restaurant last week. We were just walking by looking for a place for dinner and said how about here, what a find! When we entered you greeted us and said all tables were full for the evening, but before we left you said if we could have our dinner complete within an hour and 1/2 we could stay. We ended up having the asparagus with mushrooms, drunken crab, stuffed wings, swordfish, tuna sashimi, and fired chicken. Oh man we were stuffed and I have to say it was the best meal we had while visiting Tokyo. Loved your food, service was great and thank you again for the conversation.
Hope you enjoy your golf vacation.
Simply fantastic!

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Went to Tsukiji with Andy in the Morning, ate itALL in the evening

We LOVE Andy's!!

Andy has been known to bring his dining guests with him in the morning to buy the fish, then prepare it a serve it for that evenings dinner. We were lucky to get that treatment. Great experience all around, and getting to eat the sashimi that we picked up (literally lifted and held) in the morning really added to the overall experience. So glad to have had the chance.

Best fish we had all 3 weeks in Tokyo and we had plenty. Thanks for the great hospitality Andy. The pictures are posted along with other notes and a review on my BLOG links below.


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