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Interesting information about the fish that is currently being offered and will be offered in the future.. on Andy's Fish.

Orange Roughy

Orange Roughy, Deep Sea Perch or Kinki is a deep-sea fish that has an extremely long lifespan of over 100 years.  Some have been documented as old as 147 years.  The Orange Roughy is also listed as a fish to avoid for extinction reasons.  Farming Kinki has recently started.

Black Throat

Black Throat, Black Throat Sea Perch or Nodoguro is a Japanese fish typically served in kaisekis.  

Sea Bream (Tai)

Sea Bream or Tai are sometimes considered a sportfish.  They are a very flat fish and have a mild, white meat.

Fresh Scallops

Fresh Scallops Scallops, like clams, are mollusks that have two scalloped shells with a hinge, covering the meat. The nut or white muscle that opens and closes the two shells is the edible part although the coral or reproductive glands can also be eaten. Hokkaido sea scallops are some of the tastiest and largest scallops in the world.


Swordfish - Fresh swordfish steaks.  Swordfish are known as gladiators in the water due to their sharp, sword-like bill. They are large animals and are predatory although they lose their teeth and scales as they become adults.

Japanese Butterfish

Japanese butterfish - Medai live in the Pacific side of Japan, 100 to 300 meters deep in the ocean. The name implies Me meaning eye and dai (tai) meaning bream that they are a type of sea bream or snapper. The fat content is much higher than sea bream which gives them the natural buttery flavor.

Pacific Cod

Pacific cod A great fish on its own or marinated in white miso.


Asari - small clams  Clams have no backbones and their soft bodies are covered by a shell (actually two shells held together by muscle). They are good to eat and nutritious and three ounces of clam meat has less than one gram of fat but is high in protein, calcium and iron.

Small Prawns

Small shelled prawns  As the adjective indicates are smaller in size but richer in taste. These smaller prawns are found in the

Large Prawns

Large unshelled prawns  the term prawn, in itself, means large shrimp. These prawns are approximately 20 cm in length and are from Indonesia