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Andy and his place - can't be missed!

(aka Shin Hinomoto - and a map) 

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Hibiya station – Hibiya, Chiyoda lines - Exit 2, if you like to burn off some calories before dinner, Exit 6 via The Peninsula Hotel elevator.  (from the elevator at street level, turn left and walk towards the train station (through 2 crosswalks)  If you chose Exit 2, you are at a pedestrian crossing – facing the JR line.

Cross the street – turn left and walk along the old restaurants (under the JR tracks).  Shin Hi No Moto (or Andy’s) is on the right with the Guinness sign and Andy’s lantarn!
If you’re coming via JR, get off at Yurakacho, take the BIC Camera exit, Hibiya. Turn left, and follow the JR tracks across from the Yurakacho Denki Building (or the Rose and Crown pub).  Again – keep an eye out for the Guinness sign and Andy’s lantarn

Totally lost?  Ring: 03 3214 8021

Andy and his customers
Andy's  Shin Hinomoto

Normal Opening Hours Monday to Saturday 5 pm to midnight 

Call Monday to Friday after 5 pm for reservations


 03-3214-8021           03-3214-8021             03-3214-8021           03-3214-8021

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Monday through Saturday - after 4 pm

Salmon Kinoko
Sashimi to die for